Diy File Cabinet Planter References

Diy File Cabinet Planter. A 2 drawer dented thing that was sitting on her street for free! A four cabinet file cabinet with drawers removed, turned on its back.

diy file cabinet planter
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A light rinse and it was time to paint. After receiving a few free file cabinets we took a crack at making the planter box.

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And i’ve seen old file cabinets all over at thrift stores for under $10. And then lightly sanded down the entire cabinet.

Diy File Cabinet Planter

Earlier this summer i was inspired by a pinterest photo of a file cabinet made into a fabulous planter box.First, i removed the door and all of the hardware;Here is the diy file cabinet planter.I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage.

I found a good tutorial on how to paint and reinforce the cabinets so they’ll work as planters.I just wanted to rought it up enough so that the spray paint would “stick” to it.I set out to find a used heavy duty file cabinet and found one at a yard sale for $5!I think these are so cool!

If your cabinet is really glossy, make sure you give it a good sanding before painting.It is one of a series of file cabinet planters made by minimis and has a pricetag of nearly $800.It required a little sanding to smooth the surface and remove rust.Mine cabinet was a two section and tan color but i think turquoise looks great on it and then i drilled some holes in the bottom for water to drain.

My sister jesi found my first file cabinet.Next came the spray primer.Now that we have a terrace with a fatso view, we’ve been looking at minimalist planter options and found this image of a cool one at houzz:Original file cabinet with wheels installedafter 1 coat of primer.

Paint an old file cabinet to make a large, colorful planter here is the blue planter completed and planted up and in situ with the red one i previously posted here.Sand lightly over the entire cabinet with a 220 grit paper.See more ideas about file cabinet planter, filing cabinet, planters.See more ideas about file cabinet planter, filing cabinet, planters.

Since the planter will be outdoors, its important to paint the cabinet with rust proof paint.Then you can add rocks, bark and soil in layers for proper drainage too.These handpicked tutorials will help you find the right planter to meet your style and budgetary needs and.This is the collection of diy tutorials for you!

This will help your paint to adhere to the metal.This will provide drainage when you water your plants.Today’s final before & after project comes from d*s reader chad kelly.Top of a tree stump, filing cabinet planters, composter, square foot garden planters, bricks lying around, washer pit, glorious lawn.

Using 180 grit sandpaper, sand areas with loose paint or rust spots.We drilled a few small holes in the main bottom board, so plant water can escape.We put a few (3 per cabinet) cinder blocks in the bottom of the file cabinets.We used cement board to reinforce the inside walls of the cabinet and then lined it with landscape fabric.

When i first saw a file cabinet planter on pinterest i knew i had to make one!Wipe down the cabinet with a damp rag to remove all the dust.With a 3/8 bit, drill ten to twenty holes in the bottom on the filing cabinet.You can paint them any color you want, or add a striped pattern if you’re really adventurous.

You will find a large variety of unique and exciting planters in this collection of darling homemade planters:{or 4.} i love the modern look of square planters, like ones you can find at cb2, so when i saw there was a diy version, i was all over that!