Diy Antique Mirror From Glass Ideas

Diy Antique Mirror From Glass. 1 why should one antique a mirror at home? 2 diy your own antique mirror.

diy antique mirror from glass
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2.2 get your workspace ready; 2.3 place the mirror on the work area;

10 Tutorials On How To Antique A Mirror Distressed

2.4 apply the paint stripper; 2.5 scrape the paint off the mirror;

Diy Antique Mirror From Glass

3 parts to antiquing a mirror.A lot of antiquing happens around the edge of mirrors, so i sprayed the mixture more heavily around the edges.A picture frame with glass;A spray bottle with a half and half mix of water to vinegar;

Add more of solution 2, this time spraying it on to etch the.Allow to dry for about 2 minutes, then gently blot the beads of water/vinegar with your paper towel — they should lift off areas of the mirror spray in a varied pattern.
An antique mirror backsplash’s purpose is to protect the mirror from water damage.An antique mirror look seemed to be the perfect solution.

An antique mirror look seemed to be the perfect solution.Any color can be used.Blot gently with a paper towel or soft cloth to remove flecks of.Creating the antique mirror patina.

Dab off the vinegar solution.Dab the paint and vinegar mixture with a paper towel to create spots where the spraypaint doesn’t stick.Diy antique mirror of usual clear glass (via make this beautiful vintage mirror using muriatic acid and paint remover.Diy technique to create your own antique mirror.

Finally, when everything is dry, paint a layer of black paint over the glass and then flip the window or frame around to reveal your very own “antique” mirror!First, here are the parts of a mirror so you have a better understanding of how to antique it.First, you’ll need to disassemble your picture frame.For the middle of the glass, i stood up and dripped bigger drops in the center.

Glass you want to turn into a mirror (for this example, i used picture frames with glass inserts) glass cleaner (i used windex) and rag.Here’s what our glass containers looked like as they began to dry with both sprays applied — notice the fine beading from the water/vinegar solution creating variations in the mirror spray:I came across an image in a cb2 holiday catalogue with mercury glass above the fireplace mantel.I came across an image in a cb2 holiday catalogue with mercury glass above the fireplace mantel.

I even shake it in between coats.I removed the glass panels from the frames and cleaned them with windex.I taped the entire area around the glass and used an old towel to cover the rest.I used an antique gold spray paint, because this is the color that i wanted to show through on the front.

I used the same vinegar and water spray bottle and sprayed the mixture around the edge of the glass.If you are going to stencil the mirror on top of antiquing it you will now add the adhesive stencils to the mirror.In this photo below you can see how the diluted vinegar has caused some of the spray paint to flake off, giving the glass the desired mottled affect of antique mirror.Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Inspiration can come from anywhere.It has different sizes and shapes and can complement the antique mirror itself for a.I’ve even seen some antiqued mirrors from anthropologie with turquoise showing through.Krylon looking glass spray paint.

Krylon looking glass spray paint;Let all the panes of glass dry completely.Lie the mirror back down with the backside up and use your paint to paint over the whole backside of the mirror.Mirrors have two coats on the back surface—a reflective coating applied directly to the glass, and a layer of paint, usually gray or black, applied over the reflective coating.

On the back of the mirror you’ll see a painted layer, which is usually gray in color.Reflective material (usually aluminum, tin, silver or copper melted over the glass) paint;Removing a bit of the protective shiny material on the glass with muriatic acid.Removing the paint from the back of the mirror.

Secondly, the next step in creating a diy antique mirror is to use a solution of bleach and water 50/50 mixture in a spray bottle and lightly mist over the back of the mirror.See how it’s done in the video below!Seriously… shake it for a long time.Shake it, baby, shake it!

Shake the mirror spray paint well and apply a thin coat to one side of the glass.Some of the drops ran on the glass like in the photo above.Take the solution and fully spray the glass.The piece can be used as a wall art as it features an antique map, especially if you add a stunning vintage frame.

The process of antiquing a mirror involves removing one of two coats applied to the back of the mirror.The water and bleach mixture will eat away the reflective back and allow you to.This sent me down my usual google diy rabbit hole.This sent me down my usual google diy rabbit hole.

This will also remove a little of the paint from the glass in.This will remove flecks of paint and help to create the mercury glass look of the mirror.Underneath that is the reflective surface, and finally your glass.Use a rag to gently blot each pane of glass to remove any paint that hasn’t adhered, creating a spotted, aged affect on the glass.

While the paint is still wet, spritz the backside of the glass with the vinegar and water solution and blot gently with a paper towel.Work quickly, as the mirror spray paint dries quickly.You do need access to the entire back of the mirror though, which is where you’ll be doing all the work.You need to apply the effects to the backside of your glass.*