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Build Floating Mantel Shelf. Add at least 12 inches to this measurement to determine the length of your floating mantel. All that was left was to install the bracket to his fireplace and then slide the mantle onto the bracket!

build floating mantel shelf
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Building your own floating wood mantel shelf is an exciting project. By adding 12 inches to the measurement your mantel will extend beyond the fireplace by about six inches on either side.

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Constructed from solid alder hardwood. Cut four pieces of wood from new pine:

Build Floating Mantel Shelf

Floating mantel shelf plans blueprints toy storage box plans.Following the directions on the can of stain, stain each board using a sponge brush or wipe on the stain using a rag.For those of you that haven’t opened up your kreg jig yes, this is a great beginner project!How to build floating mantel shelf plans pdf download.

How to build your own faux mantel shelf build the diy mantel shelf frame.I also think floating shelves are perfect for renters.I guess if you were looking for a really simple mantle, at this point you could be done.I personally stained each side and edge of the wood, even the ones not showing, with a sponge brush.

If needed, the stain can be touched up before or.If you can’t find the studs for some reason, make sure and use drywall anchors to make it more.If you have all the materials ready, it is just a matter of some precise measurements and cuts.It is much lighter with an open back and is mounted to your wall with a french cleat system.

It’s best to do research on the appropriate type.Just like with the mantle, you’ll build your base shelf and then nail on the finishing board at the end which will add more depth and width to the shelf.Last step in the build process was to sand to 400 grit and finish the slab with walrus oil furniture finish.Lastly, use the compound miter saw to miter both ends of the top at a.

Mark the center of the ledger.Measure the width of your fireplace using a measuring tape.Nail together with finishing nails.Next, measure 10” each way (left and right) and mark those locations as well.

Once your base is built, drill the base into the studs and make sure they are nice and tight.Really you only leave a few screw holes in the wall that are very easy to fill and paint back over.Sheppard brackets designs, manufactures, and sells the best hidden mantel brackets on the market.Strike a level line in.

The fireplace mantel resembles a hardwood beam, but it is not a solid beam.The front and back pieces were each 49 1/2 inches by 8 inches and the side pieces were 8 inches by 8 inches, all with mitred corners.The most common height of a fireplace mantel is between 52” and 58”.The reason for this is that some material on the inside edges of our returns obstructed a flush fit.

The shelf is 60″ long making it a perfect mantle as well!Then we cut the 1×6 and used it to make a “skirt” around the front and sides of the 4×4.This beautiful fireplace mantel is custom made just for you.This is such an easy build!

This makes sort of a box without a top or bottom.To ensure that the front of your mantel is seamless, attach the top and bottom pieces of the mantel to the backside of the front piece (instead of attaching them to the top and bottom of the front piece).We then cut pieces for the sides from some scrap wood and attached them with wood screws.X 4 ft plywood (2) 2x4x6 ft (1) 1x6x6 ft (1) 1x12x6 ft === cuts === (2) 1x6x6 cut down to 4in x 11 /1/4in (4) 2×4 cut down to 9 1/2in (1) 2×4 cut down to 70 1/2 in (2) cut plywood to 5 1/2in x 12in === tools === ryobi table saw ryobi 16.